Student Quick Start for Blackboard/WileyPLUS

The following information will show you how to register for your WileyPLUS course and access your course materials through Blackboard Learn™.

Register for your WileyPLUS Course

  1. Log in to Blackboard, locate your course and click the Content link in the Course menu. The Content area of your Blackboard course appears (Note: your school may have changed the name of this link. If you do not see a Content link in the Course menu, contact your instructor).

  2. The Content area contains WileyPLUS assigned material. Click one of the WileyPLUS assigned material links. The Launch WileyPLUS Link page displays.

  3. In the User Privacy Information section of the Launch WileyPLUS Link page, choose whether to share your personal information (First, Last name, and Email Address) with Wiley.  (Note: in order to expedite any support you may need in the future, we strongly suggest you accept sharing this information.  Wiley will never share this information with any outside organizations.)

  4. The Acknowledgment section informs you that after clicking Launch you will be taken outside of the Blackboard environment and into WileyPLUS. Select the check box for “Do not show me this message again”  to prevent this message from appearing every time you enter WileyPLUS for the duration of the course.

  5. Click Launch, and End User License Agreement page appears. In the End User License Agreement page read the terms of the agreement and click Accept.

  6. 6. If the registration code requirement for your course has been disabled you will be directed into your course.

  7. If the registration code requirement is active, the Registration Code screen appears. Enter your registration code into the left portion of the screen exactly as it was provided, select the method by which you acquired your code, and click Continue. You are directed into your WileyPLUS course.

Buy Course Access

  1. If you do not have a registration code, click the Buy Course Access button in the Registration Code page, and the Purchase Access to WileyPLUS screen appears.

  1. In the Purchase Access to WileyPLUS page, if you have previously used WileyPLUS, enter an e-mail address and password and click Log In. The Billing Details screen appears, pre-populated with your name and address. Enter credit card information and click Submit.

  2. If you have not used WileyPLUS before, click Create Account. The Create WileyPLUS Student Account screen appears.

  3. In the Create WileyPLUS Student Account screen, enter name,  e-mail and password, and provide credit card information in the appropriate fields, and click Submit. The Order Verification screen appears.

  1. In the Order Verification screen, verify that all of your information is correct.  If there is a mistake, click Change to make the needed adjustments. If the information is correct, click Place Order, and the Get Registration Code to Access WileyPLUS screen appears, with your registration code. Make note of your registration code (your registration code will also be sent to the e-mail address you entered) and click Exit Shopping Cart. You are returned to the Registration Code screen.

  2. In the Registration Code screen, enter your registration code and click Continue. You are directed into your WileyPLUS course in Blackboard Learn.

  3. If you have any problems or issues, contact WileyPLUS Technical Support at

Grace Period

  1. To help instructors easily get their class started with WileyPlus, and to improve access to students who are waiting financial aid or bookstore inventory, we will offer students the option to access their WileyPlus class (full site, including assignments) for a period of up to 14 days without having to enter a registration code, at the end of which students will be prompted to enter a registration code to continue accessing WileyPlus.

  1. Students can purchase and/or enter their WileyPlus registration code at any time during the 14 day grace period. Students who have registered but have not yet entered a registration code will de notified by email, and by a message in their My WileyPlus, prior to the expiration of their 14 day grace period.